Why JC Michaelson?

"We want to take our BIG business experience and apply it to small businesses to help them realize the cost savings of healthy employees."

— April Nelson, Co-Founder

But don’t take our word for it. Hear from our clients!

“My husband and I loved having Jill and April over to help us to become certified in both CPR for infants/adults and first aid. As soon-to-be parents, we really appreciated how patient both Jill and April were with answering our questions. They were also so quick to demonstrate techniques over for us. We really felt like our experience was personalized to really fit our needs. As a family, I’m confident that if something bad should happen, we are more knowledgeable and are able to handle emergency situations with more ease after working with Jill and April.”

— Brittany Barrett
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“April and Jill are very knowledgeable in their respective fields and are able to serve clients with varied lists of capabilities. They recently helped me with an ergonomic review of my work space and it was super helpful!”

- Julie Folz


“I have worked with these talented professionals for several years. First and foremost they care about the people they support. Not only does the job get done but it is completed in a way that impacts organizational culture in such a positive manner. Highly recommend!”

- Chad Burnett

“Jill and April bring a unique blend of career knowledge and experience to their clients. Their intuitive knowledge of workplace health and safety issues and the solutions they provide are a must for anyone who is serious about providing a safe and productive work environment for their team members.”
— John Jurkiewicz