When Jill and April met in 2012, they noticed an immediate camaraderie.  After a few weeks of conversation, they realized that they had actually met 17 years earlier while Jill was working in the medical department at GE Plastics and April was completing her college internship at the GE Plastics Lifestyle Center (see above banner photo).  

Combining skills to serve employees across North America, they identified an opportunity to educate employees and employers on how to become informed healthcare consumers.  They witnessed the challenges businesses face not only from injuries but also from issues such as employee retention, absenteeism, and presenteeism.  In addition, they realized that typically the non-work-related issues were costing companies more than the work-related injuries but not receiving the attention.  These non-work-related issues were impacting employees both on a financial and psychological level and were directly effecting their quality of life...and that needed to change.  

Together, April and Jill formed JC Michaelson Consulting in an effort to help small businesses and their employees tackle some of the challenges facing businesses and families today.  Experienced in caring for injuries and illnesses as well as OSHA recordkeeping, Worker’s Compensation, short-term disability case management, and FMLA administration JC Michaelson Consulting focuses on educating employees and their families to help them become more overall informed healthcare consumers and healthier individuals.  In return, with these skills they will become more reliable employees with improved productivity.  

Healthy employees for a healthy bottom line.