What’s In A Name?

Jill Marshall, April Nelson, and Cassandra Waters Brusie founded JC Michaelson Consulting together in 2016. The company’s name combines elements of everyone who played a role in the firm’s creation. Jill and Cassandra’s names are responsible for the JC, and April’s last name contributed the suffix of “son.” In honor of April’s late brother Michael, they chose the name Michaelson.

They have been working to create healthier workplaces ever since.

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Jill and April met initially in 1995 at GE Plastics, but it wasn’t until 2012 that the pair reconnected to combine their skills and eventually form JC Michaelson Consulting.

The two identified an opportunity to educate employers and employees on making informed healthcare decisions. Businesses face challenges not only from injuries, but from employee retention and absenteeism also as well. Non-work-related issues cost many companies more than injuries, and impact employees financially and psychologically, affecting their quality of life. That needed to change.

Jill and April formed JC Michaelson to help small businesses tackle healthcare challenges and educate employees, encouraging healthier workplaces and practices. JC Michaelson has experience caring for injuries and illnesses, as well as disability services and OSHA guidelines. JC Michaelson provides healthcare education to employees foster skills that create a healthier and more productive work environment.