April Nelson

April Nelson Photo.jpg


Over 20 years of experience in industry setting

Master’s Degree, Human Performance

Bachelor’s Degree, Exercise Science

Licensed Athletic Trainer in Indiana & Kentucky

Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist

Red Cross CPR Instructor

About April

“Born with the gift of gab and never met a stranger” is how I once overheard my grandmother describe me. 

I was lucky enough to have grown up in a small farm town in Northern Kentucky where your next door neighbor is your best security system and a firm handshake is your bond. I realize it seems very “Mayberry” (and maybe it was admittedly more my romanticized memories than fact). However, these small town charms are always coupled with a few less than favorable disadvantages such as catastrophic farming injuries, “mom & pop” vs big business, and rural remoteness to name a few. 

I was very aware at an early age that somewhere a niche existed for me to help make improvements in the working world of the small business owner and farmer. I wasn’t sure what that change would be (I wouldn’t quite figure that out for a while), but my gut knew I would eventually put my finger on it. So I began my career path in exercise science and health. As the worlds of nutrition, biomechanics, and general wellness opened, I found athletic training and my focus quickly began to sharpen. I developed a fascinated absorption in injury management, disease management, ergonomics (aka workstation set-up), and wellness education. Eventually, I discovered “Industrial Athletic Training” where I worked side by side with like-minded healthcare professionals to not just manage injuries and illnesses, but to actually prevent them. GENIUS! 

My path then lead me to Jill Marshall, an Occupational Health Nurse, who has an impressive…and occasionally unorthodox yet effective…view of how to help individuals navigate the pitfalls of the healthcare systems such as short-term disability and FMLA (read more in “Who We Are”).